How Many Freight Bills Just Get Paid?

How many freight bills just get paid?  Does your accounts payable staff have the experience to know when an LTL invoice is correct?  We just received a customer’s invoice the other day that I’m guessing most AP people would have paid. The invoice was for $500 after the carrier’s very generous $1,200 discount.  A $1,600 shipment that is only costing my company $500, why wouldn’t I pay this invoice?

Let’s look further at this invoice.  Is the class on the invoice correct at 250?   Or based on the density of the commodity shipped, is this invoice really supposed to class 125?  You guessed it, it was supposed to be class 125.  Now that $500 invoice is only $250.  Your company was just charged 100% more than it should have been.   Would you pay $5.00 for a $2.50 gallon of milk at the store just because the scanner said so?

Maybe it’s time to bring in a third party expert that can review each and every one of your LTL invoices for less than $1.00 per freight bill?