From the Auditor’s Desk

If your AP Department is auditing hundreds of invoices per week, it’s not as easy as it may seem.  When changes are made, it’s easy to mix up the right from wrong.  On August 10, 2017, the NMFTA announced that the freight classifications were changing.  The biggest change in classifications is with density items.  Sub 4 (products with a density of 4-6 pounds per cubic foot) were raised from class 150 to class 175. But that’s not the end of it. There are new item numbers, additions and subtractions from what product falls under what item number, and new rules about packaging and transporting certain goods.  Does your AP staff have the tools to know when and what gets updated in the auditing world?  An incorrect classification could result in just one freight bill being over charged by hundreds or even a thousand dollars.

From density items to hundreds of NFMC numbers, it’s easy to make a mistake.  Is the shipper over charging you?  Are you sure you’re being billed correctly for the freight you are moving?  Is your product really that NMFC number? Are they billing the correct density?  Is a dimensional fee applicable to this invoice?

Here at Integrated Logistics, we know how important it is to learn the ins and outs of your company. From the contract, to the products you ship, we know it’s critical for each and every one of your invoices to be correct.  Why not let us make sure you aren’t over paying on your freight costs!

Integrated Auditing Team