With fuel at an all time high, and the cost of doing business skyrocketing, cash flow can be a challenge for most small to medium sized transportation companies.  According to industry statistics, the average freight invoice is settled within 48 days.  This timeframe can cripple a transportation company to get their drivers paid, fuel in their trucks, insurance and general maintenance.

Integrated Logistics Carrier Factoring program has the solution to improve your cash flow to keep your business running smoothly, and successfully.

Factoring will provide a cash advance against your accounts receivable.  Integrated Logistics will work on your behalf to manage your accounts receivable by: Invoicing your customers, Following up on payments, and Providing Collection Services when necessary. We offer same day processing at extremely competitive rates, with no hidden fees.

Fax or email invoice to Integrated Logistics and you will be funded within 24 hours
Contact us today to find out how Integrated Logistics can start funding you immediately:
Greg Lefebre
International Factoring Association
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